Squalor plus philanthropy: no recipe for healthy parks

In the squalor of Victorian Britain, the creation of the first great public parks was a beacon of humanity and hope. Philanthropists and civic leaders understood that greenery, a place to breathe and somewhere to walk and play were the least that could be done to lighten the nasty, brutish and short lives the Industrial […]

Beyond the butcher and the baker: local government gets re-imagining

If you thought we were all deserting local shops, think again. Apparently nearly four-fifths of us believe our high streets depend on local butchers and bakers, according to the Local Government Association. A new poll shows just how deep this care for local retailers lies, especially among older people: Nearly eight in 10 local people […]

A risk we have to take

Few people still seriously believe a wave of new social enterprises and co-ops will step into the many breaches left as spending cuts take effect across the public sector. But when the dust from the current round of budget-setting has settled there will be an unprecedented opportunity to consider how to achieve the best we […]