Looking UP

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Previous newsletters in PDF format are available below.

January 2013: Cities for the future – challenges and opportunities for 2013.

May 2012: Grey places need green spaces – the case for investing in our nation’s natural assets.

January 2012: Co-production: breaking out of the public service corral.

October 2011: Placemaking with dirty hands: why local food matters.

July/August 2011: The 21st century agora: why our town centres need to wake up to a different world.

June 2011: Really local localism.

May 2011: Have we reached peak property? Why development-based regeneration models are dead, and what to do about it.

April 2011: From a big society to a resilient society: how the government’s vision needs to be transformed to meet our real challenges.

March 2011: Regenerating regeneration: now regeneration is back on the agenda, how do we make sure we get it right?

February 2011: From ghost town to host town – seven steps towards social town centres.

January 2011: We consider the public service reform white paper and asks what consequences we can expect.