Regeneration in a cold climate

Regeneration in a cold climate is a series of essays and articles on topical issues drawn from our regular newsletter. Click the links below to read them.

July 2014: The new patchworks of crisis assistance. Our research for the Bill Sargent Trust shows the new face of social welfare in the UK.

October 2013: The people-centred city. Can architects and planners create cities fit for the future, and if so, what should they do?

April 2013: Regeneration with a human face. Why we need to leave behind the ‘workers or shirkers’ debate and move towards relational approaches to welfare and neighbourhood renewal.

January 2013: Stadtluft macht frei: A challenge for our cities. In an increasingly urbanised world, what are the real challenges facing our cities?

May 2012: Grey places need green spaces – the case for investing in our nation’s natural assets. Introducing a major new report for Groundwork UK on the future of our urban green spaces.

January 2012: Co-production: time to break out of the public service corral. How ideas of co-production should be used to rethink place and profit in hard times.

October 2011: Placemaking with dirty hands. Why local food growing is about rethinking townscape, community, business and power relationships.

July/August 2011: Towards the 21st century agora. As the government considers the future of the high street, how should we reimagine the heart of our towns?

June 2011: A really local localism. What can we learn from the struggles and successes of developing community assets, and how can we apply it in a localist context?

May 2011: Have we reached peak property? Why regeneration models based on increasing land values will be the exception rather than the rule.

April 2011: From a big society to a resilient society: how the government’s vision needs to be transformed to meet our real challenges

March 2011: Why regeneration needs regeneratingRegeneration is back on the UK government’s agenda – and here are three big questions we should ask.

February 2011: From ghost town to host town. Seven steps towards social town centres.

January 2011: The revolution will not be commissioned… yet. Is public service reform likely to usher in a new era of co-operation and mutual benefit?