A big thank you to our supporters

A message from Joanna Dobson, 12 December 2013

Thank you so much to everyone who’s backed our crowdfunding campaign to publish the story of Incredible Edible Todmorden – and to all who weren’t able to support us financially but helped to spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and newsletters, words in the ears of family and friends, and much more.

It was an amazing feeling to reach our target on Monday evening and to know that the book is really happening after all the ups and downs of the last four weeks. We’re looking forward to sharing progress with you in the remaining months till publication.

We’ll be in touch very soon to collect information so we can ensure your rewards are sent where they should be (especially those of you who have asked for Todmorden fruit trees, which will be despatched as soon as possible).

What happens next is the completion of the revised first draft, which we expect to be ready for final copy-editing in early January. In the meantime we’ll be confirming quotes from publishing companies, reworking the budget to see if we can extend the print run, and doing all the other fun administrative stuff that needs to happen in order to get the book to you on time, whether it’s an e-book or a paperback.

The Kickstarter site will still be live even though it will not be open to further contributions. We’ll post updates for supporters on how the book is progressing and with details of the launch, so please keep an eye on the site and do tell any friends who might be interested in getting copies when it’s published.

There’ll also be more information on the Urban Pollinators site, as well as a list of all our backers and links to the many blogs, websites and other media that have featured the project so far.

Also, don’t forget my blog, where I’m sure I’ll be charting the progress to publication as well as continuing to write on other food and environment-related issues.

Thank you again for helping to make this project happen,


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We’re extremely grateful to all the people who  pledged their support to make Incredible! happen. Whether your pledge was large or small, each one made a difference and helped bring this project to life and spread the word about a different way of thinking about food, community, learning and business. So an incredible thank you to you all!

A big Yorkshire thank-you to:

Miriam Dobson
Kathy Luff
Colleen Bowen
Richard Sharland
Jacqui Ferguson
Janet P Henley
Mary Estelle
John Christopher Lee
Eugen Furch
Jason McAnulty
Danny Haymonds
Peter Samsom
Tessy Britton
Jacqui Wicks
Imelda Havers
Liam Barrington-Bush
Henrietta Green
Susie Hay
Mark Parker
David Rudlin
Sophie Hudson
David Wilcox
Mike Riddell
Richard McKeever
Shaun Harley
Wendy Lord
Tom White
Ian Sortwell
Louise Ebrey
Charity P
Sharon Shepherd
Liz Bell
Stephen Dunthorne
Lindsey Clarke
Tracy Oldfield
Ramona Basdeo
Lewis Green
Adrian Ashton
Leigh Sparks
Julia Unwin
Kersten England
Kath Acres
Helen Rosemier
Wayne Hemingway
Peter McFadden
David Robinson
Katrina Makepeace-Lott
Michele Witt
Julia Warburton
Tony Burton
Elsa Browne
Jackie Sadek
Christine Adams
Hilary J Wilson
Pamela Warhurst
Austin Macauley
Radhika Bynon
Dr Nicola Dempsey
Amanda Soskin
Vivs Long-Ferguson
Wiard Sterk
Ed Whiting
David Hayward
Jonathan Eldridge
Jamie Veitch
Peter Kageyama
Phil Wood
Angie Tunstall
Ali Fanshawe
Casey Morrison
Stephanie Cole
Katie F
Liam Hinshelwood
Paul Short
Linda Hoinville and John Evans
Beth Ward
Viv Wade
Carmel O’Toole
Joe Taylor
Sharon Hobson
Georgina Churchlow
Jonathan Le Tocq
Damian Austin-Walker
Catherine Pragnell
Thomas Bright
Jan Brookes
Hilary Burrage
Dawn R Bazely
Barbara Corbett
Tony Herrmann
Elizabeth Ixer
Jan Pringle
Dave Eldridge
Barry McCarthy
Benjamin Dobson
Robert Ashton
Gregor Smith
Anthony Woods-Waters
Loca Creatives
Gareth Roberts
Danielle O’Hara
Chris Loynes
Esther Harward
Helen Shabetai
Janet Dean
Marice Cumber
Sally Rawlings
Tony Crofts
Nick Atkin
Lilian Barton
Richard Tracey
Jan O’Highway
Steve Bentley
Robin Tuddenham
Carlton Solle
Diane Sims
Helena Cook
Helen Lynn
Deborah Coldwell
Professor Cathy Parker
Dan Sumption
Jessie Pitt
Barry Chambers
Niall Waller
Yvette Hollings
Jean Greenfield
Carol Broadbelt
Viv Chamberlin-Kidd
Caroline Saltzwedel
Will Horwitz
Elena Del Arco
Paul Mackay
Heike Waldman
Allan Rowell
Peter Jolliffe
Parson Cross Initiative
Clare White
Brian Lewis
Paul Ducker
Anne Rüsing
Noreen Blanluet
Lois Carter
Phil Thompson
Janet Bentley
Chris Conder
Sarah Reeve
Joe Barratt
Marianne Heaslip
Kirsty Tait
Clare Johnson
Rod Hyde
David Floyd
John Hitchin
Kim Farr
Catherine Currey
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Elanor Warwick
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Sarah Lennard-Brown
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Xanthe Clay
Catherine Phipps
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Susanna Dobson
Steve Clare
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Claire Gregory
Trevor Lakey
Karen Stuart
Andrea Millward
Karl Wilding
Neil McInroy
Mark Barratt
Gil Threadgould
Philip Glennie
Tanya Murray
Janet McLarty
Backsbottom Farm
Jane Ward
Hazel Bunting
Hon Weng Chang
Transition Town Market Harborough
Pre Carbo
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Nanci Quinn
Amanda Gore
Michelle Chapman
Jonny Zander
Laura Selby
Sam Eccles
Kristy Koglin
Brant Hinrichs
Pamela McLean
Jim Wolff
Janet Cross
Veronique Raingeval
Henry Studholme
Naomi Schillinger
Helen Holmes
John Orchard
Julie Ashmore
Axel Minet
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Julieanne Porter
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Chris Gravell
Ben Emmens
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Clare Rishbeth
Hilary Robinson
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Linda Dobson
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Will Williams
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